Music Lesson: Roland Kirk

Remember never to let anything keep you back from your dreams. Roland Kirk was born blind, poor and black in America when it was not a great time to be black.

Here he is playing three saxophones at ONCE! He was an amazing musician.


Music Lesson, Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach was born in 1685. When he was alive people did not know how great his music was. It wasn’t until after he was dead for a long time that people looked at his music notes and realized how genius his works were.

He played a harpsichord, which is like a piano but different (the piano was invented while Bach was alive but he mostly played on his harpsichord).

Here are some of his compositions, which these days most people play on a piano. The guy who is playing this is Glenn Gould. He was very eccentric. This means he did things his own way. Sometimes Glenn Gould used to hum very loud while he was playing Bach. Nobody can play Bach quite like Glenn Gould.

Nadine and I filmed and edited this video this summer. Our friend Diana Gen is a performer and musician.

Kid’s Rock N Roll Podcast No. 2


Click here for the music.

The List Of Songs:

Nick Drake: Pink Moon
Kenny Rogers: The Gambler
Pavement: Cut Your Hair
Quasi: It’s Raining
Okmonicks: Rustle Up Some Action
LCD Soundsystem: Disco Infiltrator
T-Rex: Metal Guru
Beach Boys: Little Pad
Seals & Crofts: Summer Breeze
Johnny Todd: Pink Cadillac
Hank Snow: Blue Yodel No. 12
Petula Clark: The Little Shoemaker
Jackson 5: ABC
Love: Dream
Brenda Lee: Speak To Me Pretty
Calexico: Sunken Waltz
Daniel Johnston: I Am A Baby In My Universe
Gogol Bordello: Forces Of Victory
Le Tigre: Deceptacon
Kraftwerk: Pocket Calculator
Ruby Suns: Oh Mohave
The Three Suns: Delicado
Plastilina Mosh: Boombox Baby

Your First Podcast


I made you a mix of music. It is about an hour and 6 minutes long. I hope you like it. I will keep making music mixes every once in a while.

Click here for the download.